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Estelle & Evelyn

Her iPhone had been buzzing in the pocket of her black dress throughout the service, and Estelle had been finding it increasingly hard to ignore. She knew it was Derek. He had been skeptical at first about her flying up to Boston to visit him, especially after 11 long years apart, but the excitement had […]

Branding Day

Sunrise The chirping of crickets and the slow, waking breeze  of a country morning is disrupted by the rumblings of trucks and trailers easing their way down the caliche road. It is as if the deep, rich scent of bittersweet coffee lures them,  and they pull in, easing their horses backwards from the trailers,  Resistols […]

In My Head

“Mia, Mia, Mia,” my mother would say, wagging her finger at me, “when will you just get over yourself?” I didn’t mind the finger-wagging, but I hated the implication that I was being selfish in some way. That just wasn’t me then or now, but that was never what she was really trying to say.  […]

For Astrid

“Stop fussing with your hair, CJ. Your vanity will be the end of you, mark my words.” Cal resisted the temptation to roll his eyes, for his mother’s constant doting left him feeling like he was a small child again and not the sixteen year old man of the house, and to act as such […]

The Run

Her lungs burned hot lies, Told her she couldn’t go on. Her legs told the truth.

A Tiny Shift

It started, for me, with a golden glow, like sunrise but in the middle of the night. A brightness emanating from my bedroom window lured me from my slumber. I stumbled from my bed, drawn first to the light and then urged on by sounds of distant sirens. At 11, anything involving loud noises would […]


Like wistful feathers, strands of coppery hair drifted to the floor. The lightness felt like freedom, and that mattered more than the fear. The stylist’s eye met hers in the mirror, an eyebrow raised as if to ask, “Are you sure?” He would never forgive her, but that was the point. “Even shorter.”

simple things

simple things- the things we take for granted. not everyone has the shoes, the jewelry, the car, this we know. but what about a porch in tact? a couch in the living room void of cigarette burns? windows, open and clear, framed with decorative curtains? simple things- the things we tend to believe everyone has […]

About the Author

I am an aspiring creative writer with a love of Young Adult literature, my preferred genre to both read and write. Although I have started many YA novels over the years, I have failed to move beyond chapter 8. My love of writing developed very early on, and I was an avid writer and young […]


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