simple things

simple things-

the things we take for granted.

not everyone has the shoes, the jewelry, the car,

this we know.

but what about a porch in tact?

a couch in the living room void of cigarette burns?

windows, open and clear, framed with decorative curtains?

simple things-

the things we tend to believe everyone has

just because we do.

but what about running water for which to drink or bathe?

a bed and not just a sheetless mattress on a floor?

air-conditioning on a 103 degree Texas afternoon?

simple things-

we must open our eyes,

move beyond our own walls, and

see what isn’t so simple, after all.

5 thoughts on “simple things

  1. The list of things the narrator has and doesn’t have painted a vivid picture for me, especially the singed couch. I thought the first two stanzas were so strong in their point that the third wasn’t necessary.


    • I am a teacher, and my son and I have been delivering boxes of food to students these past few weeks. My intention had been for him to get out of the house and do some good but also see how blessed he is. It turns out that I needed to see it just as much. I actually had more stanzas but then decided they weren’t necessary. Seeing your feedback, I am glad I cut those! Thank you for your comments.


  2. I love the descriptions of the list of things – love the vivid images of what they have and don’t have and all things many of us take for granted. I too really liked the picture of the couch with cigarette burns – it paints a sad reality that most people probably know nothing of


    • Yes, that particular sight breaks my heart. The couch, to me, is an item for family gathering, snuggles, entertainment with others- such a contrast to what I have recently seen. Thank you so much for commenting.


  3. The contrast between what folks do and don’t have worked well to set up your message to be grateful for our blessings. Like Nate and Sanch, I found the singed couch a particularly striking image. I agree with Nate that the imagery in the first two stanzas works well to make your point.


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