About the Author

I am an aspiring creative writer with a love of Young Adult literature, my preferred genre to both read and write. Although I have started many YA novels over the years, I have failed to move beyond chapter 8.

My love of writing developed very early on, and I was an avid writer and young journalist throughout high school. Though briefly writing for a small local newspaper, time spent writing and developing the craft began to fade with career obligations, and, honestly, energy. Recently, with the encouragement of my family and my students, I have started rekindling my passion for writing beyond my classroom walls.

I currently live in Wichita Falls, Texas where I teach 6th English and run a crime investigations club. Heatbreakingly, my creative writing camp was defunded so I am working on finding a way to bring it back.

This blog is an attempt to gain wrinting stamina and find, again, that passion. Perhaps someday, I will not be a chapter 8 quitter.

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